Kinetic GPS iPhone

Kinetic is the Swiss army knife of GPS tracking and timing: configurable, expandable and beautifully designed. The perfect iPhone app for running, cycling, hiking, walking or simply tracking where you go.

Kinetic GPS iPhone app - Introduction

Kinetic modules
Kinetic modules

Roll your own

Kinetic's unique modules allow you to build your own app.

Add as many different modules as you want, arrange them in any order and change the settings to your heart's content. The possibilities are endless.

Kinetic sharing
Kinetic sharing to Facebook, Dailymile or by email


You can review and share (show-off!) your best runs with family and friends: Dailymile, Facebook, Twitter and Email.
Shared route example - 8.81 km Running

Kinetic training plans
Kinetic training plan 10k beginners

Free personal trainer

Kinetic comes included with running training plans: 5k, 10k, half-marathon, beginner to advanced. Developed by a former London Marathon winner, Kinetic's training plans harness the expertise of some of the UK's most experienced runners and coaches.

Read more about the running training plans

Kinetic delayed countdown
Kinetic timer settings

Ready, Steady, Wait!...

Remember to warm-up first. Use the countdown timer for a delayed start to set your own custom warm-up times.

Kinetic history activites and events
Kinetic detailed session history


No need to write your times down or try to remember your 5k running personal best.

All your workout data is automatically saved into a comprehensive training history on your iPhone

Kinetic heart rate monitor module
Kinetic heart rate monitor settings

Don't miss a beat

Monitor your heart rate in real-time. Plug-in your Wahoo Fitness key into your iPhone and wear your ANT+ rate monitor.

Displays current, average and target range.

Get a Wahoo Run Pack

* Requires Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Key/Case & ANT+ compatible Heart Rate Monitor hardware
Kinetic audible alerts
Kinetic audible alerts settings

A word in your ear

Get audio feedback as you workout, when and how you want it. Listen to music as you train, in-flight iPod controls included.

Kinetic goal times and distances
Kinetic goal time settings

Challenge yourself

Set and measure your own personal targets and track your achievements as you progress through your goals. Kinetic will keep you informed on your progress.

Kinetic auto pause
Kinetic auto pause settings

Red lights

As hard as we tried we could not make the traffic lights change green for you. But we did the next best thing and added Auto pause. Perfect for cyclists or urban running.

Kinetic woodland style
Kinetic helvetica style

Match your sneakers

Kinetic is a beautiful app from the moment you launch it. But maybe it does not quite match the colour of your running shoes! or if you are out at night you can use the Dashboard style. Kinetic comes preloaded with Kinetic, Woodland, Helvetica and Dashboard styles and we will add more in the future.

User reviews

★★★★★ This is one of those.

There are good apps, there are great apps, and there apps that just exceed your expectations and make your life better.This is one of those.

It's getting a bit long in the tooth these days,I'd love to see a few new modules, perhaps support for taking photos and attaching them to the route.Support for Bluetooth 4 heart rate monitors. Things that other apps are now starting to have.

★★★★★ Great App!

Great app for running and cycling!

★★★★★ Perfect for multi sport tracking

Really pleased with this app. Great looking UI, tracks everything I need. Includes goals and multiple map view. Love it.