Kinetic GPS / Training plans

Kinetic comes included with running training plans: 5k, 10k, half-marathon, beginner to advanced. Developed by a former London Marathon winner, Kinetic's training plans harness the expertise of some of the UK's most experienced runners and coaches.

From novice to expert

Get the most out of your running with our essential training plans.

Developed by Mike Gratton of 2:09 Events, a former London Marathon winner, our plans are based on a mixture of science and practical application gained from the expertise of some of the UK's most experienced runners and coaches.

Combined with a goal setting strategy, our training plans help you follow a structured route to achieving your targets.

Kinetic comes with a number of running training plans pre-installed in the Activity module:

Your training goals can be anything that you like, but it is important that they are personal to you and relevant to your own training targets.

Simply select the specific plan you want, set the race date, or just tap start and the race date will be set automatically.

Whatever targets you choose, monitoring your improvements with Kinetic’s goal setting features is a huge motivator for increasing your experience and realizing your goals.

Included free with Kinetic

For all abilities

Anyone can do it. Running is accessible, practical, cheap and easy.

It keeps you fit, helps manage weight and is a great way to stay in shape. So, whatever your motivation, find a training programme to suit your ability and goals.

Use Kinetic’s history reports to look back and be encouraged by how much you’ve improved.

A wealth of experience and expertise

Mike Gratton, founder of 2:09 Events, followed up early success as an English schools track champion with a bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games marathon, in Brisbane (1982) and winning the London Marathon in 1983 in 2hrs 9mins.

This marathon-winning time came from careful preparation supported by a physical education degree and years of ‘trial and error’ self-coaching, as well as mentoring by Sunday Times journalist and coach, Cliff Temple.

In 1984 all this knowledge was put to practical use with the launch of 2:09 Events' first ever training weeks in the Algarve, offered to the new breed of runners in the first running boom.

The 2:09 Events training camps continue with the additional help of Bruce Tulloh (European 5,000m Champion in 1962 and coach to Olympians from Kenya in the 1970s through to UK athlete Richard Nerurkar’s 5th place in the marathon in Atlanta) and Paul Evans (twice an Olympic 10,000m finalist, winner of the Chicago Marathon in 2:08, second in New York and third in London in the late ‘90s).

Mike’s training plans come as a result of all this practical experience and years of refinement through coaching and mentoring runners, from complete beginners to GB Internationals.